Deena jonez has been paving her way in the underground hip hop scene for some time now. Making a name for herself early in her career as a battle rapper then coming into her own determined  to create her own lane in a industry that has very little options for female hip hop artist. After losing her mom to cancer in 2006 Deena took a break from music not knowing if she wanted to continue going down that road without her best friend and biggest supporter, but knowing that her mom spent her last days on earth grinding to make her dream a reality she knew that  quitting would mean all that hard work was done in vain.

For the next 6 years she honed her craft by performing all over NYC, traveling, releasing mix tapes (Memoirs Of a Libra, Brooklyns Finest, Electronic Dreams, generic Nightmares, Famously Unknown)and working with a few major artist.  In 2012 Deena found out she had cancer and had to go hard in preparation for her biggest battle. The fight for her life.  Two weeks after releasing her last mix tape "Famously Unknown" Deena went in for surgery. Three surgeries and one year of chemo treatment later Deena Jonez is back and ready to do what she loves!